ACEC-NB Board of D 2Speaker

Who We Are

The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-New Brunswick (ACEC-NB) is a not-for-profit organization representing the New Brunswick consulting engineering industry.

ACEC-NB represents the commercial interests of businesses that provide professional engineering services, to both the public and the private sector. Members are involved in the planning, designing and implementing of all types of engineering projects, and provide independent advice and expertise in a wide range of engineering-related fields.

ACEC-NB members directly influence New Brunswick’s economic, social and environmental quality of life. Because engineering is a regulated profession, every individual employed by our members is required by law to act “with fidelity to the public interest”.

ACEC-NB is governed by 30 members, all independent consulting engineering companies employing nearly 1200 individuals. ACEC-NB is a Member Organization of ACEC-Canada representing nearly 500 consulting engineering firms across Canada.

Our Mission

ACEC-NB exists to increase the industry’s value to society by promoting, educating and raising the profile of consulting engineering.

Our Priorities

  • Engage all consulting engineering firms in the province to be a member.
  • Increase the industry profile and value to society by being the voice of consulting engineering.
  • Provide value to all members by focusing on education for our member firms & stakeholders.

Industry Facts

  • CE firms are significant contributors to New Brunswick’s economy, generating annually $380 million in revenue as an industry.
  • CE firms employ approximately 20% of the engineers in the province.
  • CE firms range in size from small business operations to large multi-national corporations who also export services across Canada and internationally.
  • CE firms are a highly skilled labour force with the ability to solve complex problems and innovate, following strict codes and engineering principles.