The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of New Brunswick is a member organization of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies. The By-Laws serve as the association’s constitution and can only be amended by vote of the membership.

The objects of the Organization are:

  1. To assist in promoting satisfactory business relations between the members of the Organization and their clients.
  2. To promote cordial relations among the various consulting engineering firms in New Brunswick and to foster the inter-change of professional, management and business experience and information among consulting engineers and when necessary to safeguard their business interest.
  3. To further the maintenance of high professional standards in the consulting engineer profession.
  4. To federate, associate, cooperate or join with the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies.
  5. To do all such matters and things which will facilitate and advance contact between the Organization, the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies, the latter’s member organizations, and other related professional organizations within Canada.
  6. To develop regional representation and participation in the affairs of the Organization.
  7. To operate in liaison and harmony with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick.


To view ACEC-NB’s full Constitution & By-Laws: ACEC-NB Bylaws

Constitution & By-Laws last revised: April 2014