ACEC-NB is strengthened by the skills, experience, and diversity of its members.

Member volunteers make ACEC-NB what it is today and are the key to its future. There are several Committees through which ACEC-NB strives to achieve the Association’s mission and objectives and deliver value to member firms. We hope you will get involved by participating in your Association committees. For more information, contact the committee chair below or the executive director, their contact information is located on our Board of Directors page.
Advocacy Committee

  • Tim Ryan, President, Chair  
  • Charles Goguen, Past-President
  • Andrea Kalafut, Vice-President
  • Martin Gordon, ACEC-Canada Representative
  • Christy Cunningham, Executive Director

AGM & Awards Committee

  • Melissa Steeves
  • Kerry Higgins
  • Denis Gallant
  • Jessica Fredericks
  • Candace Colpitts
  • Christy Cunningham

Member Services Committee

  • Tim Dulenty, Chair
  • Andrea Kalafut
  • Martin Gordon
  • Christy Cunningham

Young Professionals Committee

  • Lucas Storey, co-chair
  • Amir Fakhroo, co-chair
  • Brandon Searle
  • Michael Benton
  • Katie Gillis
  • Natasha Horsman
  • Corey Stultz
  • Cameron Whitcomb

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

  • Lindsay Bolton, Chair
  • Jeff Earle
  • Jaclyn Currie
  • Lauren Caldwell
  • Brennan Thorne
  • Erin Smith
  • Mark Guest