DSC_0753ACEC New Brunswick’s Young Professionals (YP) group is directed towards young professionals within member firms having less than 10-years of experience in the field of consulting engineering. The YP group advocates and promotes the interests and career development of YPs’ in the consulting engineering industry in the province, as well as host a variety of professional development seminars and networking events to develop business skills necessary to succeed in the consulting industry.

ACEC-NB’s Young Professionals also have access to a national network with ACEC Canada’s YP Network: ACEC YPN

For more information about the YP group and how to be come involved, please contact us.





ACEC-NB would like to thank everyone from our Young Professionals Group that participated in the Habitat for Humanity Team Build on Tuesday July 9th and a shout to our sponsors that made this day possible:





ACEC-NB is excited to share that Julie DiCicco was awarded the Allen D. William Scholarship on October 27, 2020 at the Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards virtual celebration. 

The board of ACEC-NB unanimously supported the submission of Julie DiCicco. She not only is an exemplary candidate; she is a shining example of the future of the consulting engineering profession in New Brunswick. Congratulations Julie!

The full ACEC Canada Press release can be read here. The video of Julie’s award can be viewed here.





ACEC-NB is pleased to present the 2020 Young Professionals Award to
Lindsay (Wilcott) Bolton, P.Eng. (left), Christy Cunningham, ACEC-NB Executive Director (right)



Lindsay Wilcott, P.Eng started at CBCL Limited in 2013. In her technical role at CBCL, Lindsay has grown quickly from a junior engineer to a leader in water resources and climate change adaptation planning. To reinforce this and despite her young age, she was selected to become CBCL’s Group Lead for Water Resources and Climate Change, a role that encompasses our head office and all branch offices. This was unanimously accepted by staff in all of because of her leadership, technical capability, willingness to help others, and aptitude for business development and mentoring.

Her accomplishments are directly attributed to her working long hours and ability to learn and research all the details she can about any given subject matter. She has substantially increased our profile in the Climate Change Adaptation service line, not only nationally but internationally.

Aside from her work duties, Lindsay has been a dedicated volunteer in many organizations including:

  • ACEC‐NB Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair
  • Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Association (ACWWA) Director of Communications
  • APEGNB Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member
  • Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Technical Working Group on the Inclusion of Climate Change in Flood Plain Mapping
  • Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) National Committee on Climate Change